Flexibility to meet diverse training needs.

Facilitate provides customer tools, guidance and templates to use their existing expertise in ways to benefit both their organisation and trainees.

Facilitate Main features

Facilitate is a virtual reality training solution that empowers training, coaching and L&D professionals to create, manage and facilitate their own customised VR content without any development or design skills. 


Use a variety of content to suit each unique situation.


360 Video, PDFs and 2D Videos.


Run Live group sessions in provided training spaces.


Connect remote teams


Customise role-play scenario using the Facilitate library of Avatars and Spaces.


Record and Review.


Assign a lesson to individuals to go through in their own time. 


Improve learning outcomes.


Test and Verify understand and retention of content.


Improve engagement.

This is just the beginning...

As we continue to work with our customers to meet their training needs, Facilitate will rapidly expand the ways it adds value. Features such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) integration, 360 video hotspots, further interactivity options and more are already on our roadmap.

Why choose Facilitate over traditional training methods?

Facilitate bridges the gap between expensive one-off live training workshops and affordable but ineffective and disengaging e-learning.  With flexible tools and templates that allow you to implement VR training to suit your organisation, Facilitate drastically increases the return on investment of this game-changing technology.


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