Create memorable student experiences, easily and affordably

Facilitate is ideal for educational organisations looking to create engagement for remote and in-person teaching in an affordable and flexible manner.

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Easy-to-use creator platform


Affordable VR learning

Affordable and fast creation of VR learning experiences in any curriculum area.

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Increase engagement

Raise student engagement and knowledge retention, regardless of where they are.


Market-leading flexibility

Create your own content easily and affordably across a range of learning modalities.

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Facilitate in context

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Trying to provide engaging educational experiences to students on a limited budget is hard, and in the context of COVID-driven remote learning, almost impossible.

Many schools are looking to VR to change this. However, there are few solutions that are simple, affordable and flexible enough to meet educators' needs.


Facilitate’s easy to use creation suite allows educators to use existing learning materials and create new immersive content without needing to engage external contractors. The software caters for the use of 360 imagery and video, 3D models, as well as traditional 2D content, all in one learning experience.

This flexibility makes it possible for educators to easily apply their expertise to create experiential learning for a broad age and curriculum range.

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Facilitate empowers students and teachers to create engaging learning experiences easily and quickly.

Schools can now deliver more learning experiences without having to purchase content or engage development agencies. Collaborative experience sharing with remotely located students increases engagement and enjoyment.

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Education plans

All Facilitate plans are 25% discounted for educational institutions





20 active users/month

1 hour of support/month

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100 active users/month

2 hours of support/month

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250 active users/month

3 hours of support/month

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Need more than 250 active users/month? Our Enterprise plan allow you to customise your plan to suit your organisation's needs.

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Yes, head to the free trial page for more information. 

Facilitate experiences can be exported as a SCORM package, and can be imported in SCORM compatible LMS's.  

Facilitate session results can be exported to your LMS via xAPI or csv. 

Contact us if you would like a custom LMS integration.

No. Even though we recommend using a VR headset for the best Facilitate experience, Facilitate also has a desktop app.

The Facilitate desktop app is compatible on Windows 10 computers with the following recommended minimum specs:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz (2017), Windows 10, 8GB RAM, Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 Direct3D11.

Please get in touch with us for suggestions on where to find stock 360 media assets.
We are developing an option to allow creators to share their content with other Facilitate users. In the interim, please get in touch if you'd like to discuss how we can assist you to do this.