Leverage your organisation's expertise to create VR training in-house

Facilitate lowers the costs and complexity of providing high quality training experiences for your riskiest operations.

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Easy-to-use creator platform

Facilitate Sequence Session

Standardise learning

Provide realistic and standardised learning experiences and reduce risk of error.

Facilitate Micro-simulation

Risk-free practice

Reduce reliance on SME led training and provide more opportunity to practice.

Facilitate Experience Creator

Empower your SMEs

Facilitate's ease-to-use creator tools empower your organisation's SMEs to become VR training creators.

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Site Induction

Mining workers walking on site


It is impossible to find a cost effective way to provide site inductions to contractors and staff which meet regulatory requirements.

This is a challenge usually solved with time consuming in person tours and or boring and ineffective eLearning modules.


With an intuitive interface that operational staff can master easily, 360 degree images can be used in Facilitate to identify hazards and locations of importance.

Using the Facilitate 360 Editor, on site experts can add interactive hotspots, text overlays and short narrations to introduce the site. L&D staff can then assign these induction experiences to relevant new starters, track completion and results via Facilitate's LMS integration..

Interactive Editor
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Substantial time and cost savings can be realised by providing new starters a virtual induction prior to arriving on site.

Operational staff can highlight the key aspects themselves, reducing the back and forth with central L&D/training design staff and leveraging their expertise of a site.

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Mining workers walking on site


It can be challenging to provide realistic maintenance training for a piece of mobile plant when it is so costly to pull machinery offline.

However, when practicing complicated tasks with an elevated risk of injury, operators need a safe and cost effective way to train.


By using a VR Micro-simulation of equipment, operators can practice maintenance tasks using their hands in a realistic manner.

Additionally, prior to practicing, learners can watch an expert complete the task via an interactive 360 degree video. This provides a safe way to practice the task and provide feedback.

Female worker wearing VR headset


Customers can scale this content across their operations, save the cost of taking assets offline and reduce the risks of live training.

Facilitate's tools empower customers to greatly reduce the cost of creating custom simulations and combine multiple learning methods so learners retain more knowledge within one VR experience.

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No. Even though we recommend using a VR headset for the best Facilitate experience, Facilitate also has a desktop app.

The Facilitate desktop app is compatible on Windows 10 computers with the following recommended minimum specs:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz (2017), Windows 10, 8GB RAM, Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 Direct3D11.

  • Supporting the HTC Vive Focus 3, The Pico Neo 3 Pro and Oculus Quest 2 (consumer and enterprise editions).

  • Windows platform also available

  • Enquire with us to learn more about our compatibility roadmap.

Facilitate is partly browser based. The Facilitate creation suite is browser based. Here you create VR content and experiences. 

The Facilitate VR or Desktop app is required to access the learning experiences and learning content.