What are 'Active Users'

A short breakdown explaining what we mean by Active users and how to pick the best Facilitate subscription.

What are active users

How does a user become active?

The user enters a training session

A user logs into their Facilitate account and enters a session (either via the Facilitate VR app or Desktop app). 

User enters their first session
User set to active

The user gets set to active

When a learner has entered a Facilitate session, they will become active for the billing period. 

The user enters as many desired sessions

Once a user is set to active, they can enter as many sessions as they would like for the billing period. A learner with a Facilitate account will only be counted active once per monthly billing period.

User enters sessions

What are Facilitate sessions?

A Facilitate session allows learners to access immersive learning experiences individually (On-Demand) or in a group (Live). Watch the video to see our virtual classrooms. 

Types of roles in Facilitate Sessions



When a session is Live, this user is in charge of the content in the session.

When a Facilitator enters a session, they are not counted as an active user (except for flexible facilitator sessions). 



This is the user who enters a session to learn, whether the session is On-Demand or Live. They are the user for which the session has been created. 



This is a user without a Facilitate account. They can enter a Facilitate session with a 'session code'. Every guest entry to a session counts as 1 active user. 


No. You can create an unlimited amount of sessions and lessons (experiences). You will only be charged for the number of active users. 

No. If a learner with a Facilitate account does not enter any session for the month, they will not be counted as an active user. 

This means you can have an unlimited amount of accounts, and only be charged for those entering a Facilitate session. 

No, you can have an unlimited amount of active users per month. The more active users you have, the cheaper the 'charge per user' will be. 

If you select a monthly subscription, you will be charged a fee per active user for that month.
If you select an annual subscription, you will pre-pay for a number of active users per month. You will be charged monthly for any excess users.

Yes, they can. A user logged into their Facilitate account will only be counted once per monthly billing period. 

Your active user count will reset on the first day of your monthly billing period. This counts for annual subscribers too.

We recommend your learners to create Facilitate accounts. 

If learners enter sessions as guests, every guest entry counts as a new active user.

E.g. The same user enters 5 sessions, this counts as 5 active users. Whereas, if the user has an account, logs in and enters 5 sessions, it will only count as 1 active user.