Experiential learning creation made easy and affordable

Create professional Virtual Reality simulation and interactive 360 media content with Facilitate's no code authoring tools.

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Micro-simulation editor

Create industry-leading interactive and immersive learning content for your clients today


No developers required

Facilitate is strictly no code. Just bring your creative talent and start creating.


Exceed client expectations

Offer the latest in immersive content at an affordable price, with our flexible subscription and proof of concept packages.


Partner for success

Facilitate’s partner program provides all you need to maximise your ROI as a learning creator.

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Facilitate's Content Partner Program is designed to support your success as you establish and grow your immersive learning offering

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Deliver powerful learning in a few simple steps


Create immersive content with the Facilitate platform

Simply use your browser to import 360 videos and images, 3D models and more, and turn them into powerful learning experiences.

Onboard users


Onboard your clients

Our compelling proof of concept pricing, makes it easy for your clients to get started with immersive training or learning.


Distribute and scale your experiential content

Facilitate offers SCORM export of learning experiences, xAPI LMS integration and all the admin tools you need to make the transition to experiential learning seamless for your client.



Creative Licences

Users requiring access to the advanced creator tools




per licence




per licence

See exclusive EDU/NFP discount pricing

All plans include

Unlimited Experience creation

SCORM export / xAPI integration

Offline session access

40GB+ of cloud storage

Unlimited testing access

Admin tools and functionality

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One platform, infinite possibilities

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Sequenced Lessons

Combine content pieces into a comprehensive learning module, ideal for asynchronous learning.


360 Video & Image Editor

Add powerful interactive elements to your 360 media content. Create virtual tours, safety training modules and more.


Micro-simulation Editor

Create high-impact VR simulations without the need for code or developers.


Computer-based Learning

No headset? We've got you covered! Users can access learning via the Facilitate Windows app.


Virtual Classrooms

Enter immersive virtual environments with fully networked avatars, presentation screen, and more.


Live Virtual Sessions

Collaboratively view and interact with VR content from any compatible device.


xAPI LMS Integration

Send learner data straight to compatible LMS’s with our custom integration.


SCORM Export

Export learning modules as a SCORM package with a click of a button.


Offline VR Access

No internet connection? No problem! Learning can be accessed offline, perfect for remote users.