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The next evolution in VR training

VR training benefits are well known: faster time to competency, higher trainee engagement, and reduced training costs. However, many VR training solutions fail to go beyond a proof of concept or fail to impact beyond a single business unit. 

These solutions lack the functions expected by industry, such as content and user management, data capture, and LMS integration.

Facilitate solves these problems by providing an enterprise-grade platform that gives your organisation the flexibility to determine how you create value with VR training.

Our Platform

The Facilitate team offers end-to-end services to guide you in your VR training journey through discovery workshops, training design, content creation, deployment, and measurement.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

The Facilitate team offers three main content packages starting from $13k. These packages include custom 360 videos, full presentations, and more. We will guide you from start to finish, from initial strategy through to results analysis.



Overcome the significant time and cost of remote inductions. Trainsport trainees to any location within seconds using a variety of virtual reality features.



Reduce SME downtime while delivering technical training remotely and provide more opportunities to practice.



Improve safety training engagement and safely explore high-risk situations at a fraction of face-to-face safety training costs.

Our Solutions

Enterprise VR platform

Facilitate represents the next generation of enterprise workplace training. Designed for large remote workforces.


Virtual Training Spaces

Train together or individually in a variety of virtual training spaces designed for immersive learning.

Sequenced Lessons

Allow users to train independently in virtual spaces designed to maximise their learning experience.

User Management

Designed for easy user administration, including permission levels and the ability to divide users into groups.

Windows compatibility

Meet cross-platform, allowing users without a headset to join training sessions.

Our Platform

Game-changing immersive learning experiences

Facilitate has various content types and lesson formats to meet the flexibility you require for your training needs.

Transport trainees anywhere

Provide a high level of interaction, combined with visual and auditory realism. Ideal for induction and safety training.

360 Videos
360 Images
Collaborative training

Use traditional training materials in our virtual training spaces. This is a low-cost way to provide excellent supplementary information. Ideal for communicating checklists and critical learning messages.

2D Videos
Individual training

Allow trainees to work independently using sequenced lesson plans. Provide a more immersive way to deliver your e-learning modules through our lesson plan builder and 360 video editor.

Sequenced Lessons
Lesson Plan Creator
Hotspots Creator
Immersive Practice

Create immersive roleplay scenarios using our library of environments and avatars. Alternatively, get in touch to see how we can integrate your simulations through the Facilitate platform.


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Unsure whether VR will work for your organisation?

Download our checklist of the common attributes of organisations that have successfully adopted VR for training.

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We can work with you from concept inception to deployment and scale.

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Proof of Concept

Implement a focused training use case with your staff.

Evaluate and Plan

Assess the ROI of VR and plan your deployment and scaling strategy.

Deploy and Scale

Execute your deployment and scaling strategy, and measure training impact.

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Want to know where to get started using VR for frontline training?

Watch our highly informative webinar, now available on Youtube. 

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Key answers about virtual reality and virtual training in your organisation.

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