Benefit from the power of VR through an all-in-one immersive training platform

Facilitate is the next generation of virtual reality training software.
More scalable, affordable, and intuitive.

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Facilitate is your solution if you are a...

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Content creator looking to scale

  1. Have VR content that you deliver to clients, but are looking to create more value with your offering.

  2. Are seeking a platform that will enable you to scale your solutions for enterprise clients.

  3. Want to deliver your VR solutions to a broader audience and generate an ongoing revenue stream.

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Learning professional looking to use VR

  1. Have VR training content but need a platform to scale this across your organisation.

  2. Are looking for a VR platform that is flexible to fit your ever evolving training needs.

  3. Looking for a VR content supplier that can deliver impactful training that fits into your current LMS.

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The VR solution designed to fit you 

Facilitate is an end-to-end solution, making VR training more flexible, and accessible to your learners.


The Facilitate platform offers market leading functionality, such as user management, and data capture with LMS integration.


Create immersive learning experiences with our VR content solutions, designed to suit your training and educational needs.


Maximise your training budget with flexible hardware solutions. Get the best training experience with the latest enterprise virtual reality headsets.

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Enterprise virtual reality platform

Facilitate represents the next generation of VR learning

Manage all your VR training in one central place


Manage your VR content in one central place. Be sure your learners only see training content relavent to them. Check VR training results with a simple click of a button.

VR training available anywhere


Easily deploy your training content to a headset fleet using our simple lesson scheduling system. Collaboratively work through VR content or allow your users to train independently.

Flexible lesson structures to suit your learners


Combine your VR content into structured lesson plans. Facilitate allows for synchronous and asynchronous training, giving you the flexibility to deliver training suitable for your needs.

Create powerful VR lessons in minutes


Get more from your VR content using the Facilitate Interactive 360 Media Creator. Easily add interactive elements to 360 videos and images, and create more impactful learning experiences for learners.

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Want to deliver impactful VR training…. your clients

Facilitate Partner Program

Facilitate can bring unparalleled value and benefits to your clients and to you as our partner.

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Hardware & Content Solutions

Facilitate provides the expertise to help you get up and running with your VR solution.

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Customer collaborators

Below are some of the innovative organisations making the most of our VR training:

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Want to get the most out of your VR solution?

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