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Add immersive elements to your 360 content

Easily add interactive elements and take your 360 videos and images to the next level. Create site induction training, customer walkthroughs, hazard identification tasks, and demonstrate procedural best practices.

Interactive Editor
Experience Creator

Create immersive experiences in minutes

Rapidly combine different types of VR content into a single lesson plan. Create sequenced or free flowing lessons to suit the audience and context.

Micro-simulations for hands-on tasks

Stand-alone or combined with other content, Facilitate's Micro-simulations provide an affordable way to provide realistic, hands-on training. Create your own Micro-simulation in a matter of minutes with our easy-to-use editor.

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SCORM export

A seamless learner experience

Learners can transition seamlessly from a SCORM compliant LMS/LXP, to a Facilitate VR lesson via our integration. Alternatively, link completion data and results to an LMS with Facilitate's xApi integration.

All your immersive content in one place

360 Media

360 Media

Provide the highest level of visual and auditory realism to your learners.

Interactive 360s

Interactive 360s

Boost engagement with a variety of interactive elements, combined with visual and auditory realism.



Provide the highest level of interaction and allow manipulation of objects. Ideal for hands-on equipment training.


2D Materials

Including PDFs and videos, this is a low-cost way to provide excellent supplementary information.

3D Model in Facilitate

3D Models

Upload and explore 3D models in an immersive virtual environment.



A requirement for most learning outcomes and can be combined with other content types to reinforce key learning messages.

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Learn in immersive virtual classrooms

Custom avatars.

Collaborative viewing and interaction with all VR content.

Bring learners together via headset or computer, regardless of their location.

Learning space

Sequenced experiences to meet your learning needs

Asynchronous (on-demand) or Synchronous (live) learning experiences.

Environments designed to maximise learning experience.

Access experiences with a VR headset or a computer.

Admin functionality to deploy your learning

Facilitate allows you to export your learning experiences directly into a SCORM-compliant LMS. Don't have an LMS? Then use Facilitate to deploy and manage your learners.

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