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360 degree image based content for high fidelity experiences

Effortlessly infuse interactivity into your 360 content using our drag-and-drop interface. Unleash site induction training that puts trainees right in the action, create mesmerizing customer walkthroughs that leave a lasting impression, tackle hazard indentification tasks with thrilling realism, and showcase procedural best practices like never before.

Micro-simulations for hands-on tasks

Transform 3D models into interactive VR simulations in a matter of minutes. With intuitive controls and dynamic features, unleash your creativity to craft captivating, boundary-pushing experiences. Unleash the future of VR content creation today.

Collaborative or individual training

Collaboratively view and interact with all VR content. Bring learners together via VR headsets or computer devices, regardless of their location. Alternatively, learners can access content independently.

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Everything you need for digital experiential training

360 Media

360 Media

Provide the highest level of visual and auditory realism to your learners.

Interactive 360s

Interactive 360s

Boost engagement with a variety of interactive elements, combined with visual and auditory realism.



Provide the highest level of interaction and allow manipulation of objects. Ideal for hands-on equipment training.


2D Materials

Including PDFs and videos, this is a low-cost way to provide excellent supplementary information.

3D Model in Facilitate

3D Models

Upload and explore 3D models in an immersive virtual environment.



A requirement for most training outcomes and can be combined with other content types to reinforce key training messages.

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Drag and drop experience creation

Drag-n-drop various content types to create a single lesson plan. Create step-by-step or self guided lessons which trainees can access via your LMS (SCORM), a weblink, PC application or via VR headset.

Facilitate Lesson Creator

Create future-proofed content

Facilitate created content can be accessed via browser, PC app, or VR headset. This means that your content is future-proofed as you transition to fully immersive delivery.

Distribute and track Facilitate content through your own LMS via SCORM export functionality, or use the built-in admin tools.

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