Create VR Training with the Facilitate Starter Package

Do you want to learn how to create VR experiences by yourself?
If yes, then the Facilitate Starter Package is for you!

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Create Engaging VR Experiences

Discover the Facilitate Starter Package

The Facilitate Starter Package is a flexible and customisable package that helps you build the skills and confidence to create VR training in-house.

You will work with the Facilitate team, who will guide you through every step of the process. You will learn to use Facilitate, a powerful and easy-to-use platform for creating VR experiences.

By the end of the package, you will have a VR training experience that you can showcase to your stakeholders and use as a proof of concept for scaling up your VR training strategy.

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Starter Package




Guided Pilot Program to empower your creators

3-Month up skill training to create Proof of Concept

1 Year access to Facilitate Platform

2 x Creator Licences & 50 x Experience Participants

2 X VR Headsets of choice and 1 x 360 Camera

Why Facilitate VR?

The Facilitate Starter Package can be tailored to fit your business’ needs

graphic showing user-friendly design

Enablement Training Package

A series of virtual coaching sessions and guidance materials that cover: Discovery, Training Design, Creation, Deployment and Review.

graphic showing that Facilitate allows for personalisation

1 Year Facilitate Access

Access to the Facilitate Portal and Apps for up to 50 learners per Month. This also includes 2 Creator Licences for your team.

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Two VR Headsets

Choose from a variety of headset options that best suit your business’ use case.

graphic showing that Facilitate VR is cost-effective

360 Camera Equipment

Your choice of mid or high end camera, as well as a camera tripod. Suitable for all forms of content creation.

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We work with your team and timeframe

The training package is designed to take 8 weeks, but this timeframe can be adjusted according to your team’s availability and pace. 

There is no limit to how many staff can participate in the package, but we recommend having a clear project owner and a single point of contact with the Facilitate team. 



The Starter Packaged is delivered virtually via video conference and other online collaboration tools.

This depends on the complexity of your use case; usually between 50 - 80 hours total time is required to create the pilot content and upskill your team in the creation process. Once upskilled, subsequent pieces of content usually only take about 25% of that time to complete

All you need is a training use case (we can help you identify this as well), and one or more people to work with the Facilitate team on a regular basis.

Customers typically chose 'hard skills' use cases such as site inductions/tours and procedural training. There are no set limitations however, just chat with the Facilitate team to get a sense of the effort involved with different use cases.

This is very much up to you and how fast you'd like to progress the work; the Facilitate team can accommodate most timelines. Typically, clients take between 6 and 12 weeks to create the content.

No, the Starter Package is very much designed to upskill your team. This training is achieved by doing the work, the Facilitate team will provide the resources and guidance to achieve a great outcome but your team will be required to create the content.

No, if your team can create basic eLearn packages then this is sufficient. The Facilitate team will teach and guide your team through the training design process all the way through to implementation.

Ongoing costs will depend on the subscription you choose after the starter package period has ended. Subscription rates can be seen on our Pricing Page.

| Meta Quest 2, 3 & Pro

| HTC Vive Focus 3 & Focus Plus

| Pico Neo 3 & Pico 4 Enterprise.

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