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How to make VR learning psychologically safe.

Part of the appeal of VR is that the technology allows for the easy creation of very realistic experiences. This realism can elicit the same type and strength of emotional response as a real-life experience. 

Whilst this can be pedagogically powerful, there is also a degree of psychological risk that comes along with this. 

Where there is risk there needs to be informed consent and risk mitigation in place, these are basic tenets of workplace health and safety.

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The year 2021 in Virtual Reality wrapped up

VR Year in Review | 2021

2021 has been a very active year for the VR sector. Exploring cutting-edge technologies such as VR to provide a better learning experience than eLearning and video calls has been a positive side effect of the lockdowns and work-from-home trend.

Below is a brief snapshot of some of VR’s highlights in 2021. 

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Modalities on top of a computer with the Facilitate vr creation platform displayed on screen

How Effective is Virtual Reality for Learning?

How effective is VR for learning?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and rightly so. However, it’s not actually a very useful question. 

What is more useful is to ask is: ‘Which factors have the greatest impact on effectiveness?’, and ‘How well can these factors be controlled given real-world constraints?’ (e.g. budgets, technology limits). We will provide a full answer to these very questions in our upcoming whitepaper, but here is a short preview.

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