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A New Breed of Workplace Solutions

What's wrong with existing training solutions.

There are substantial compromises inherent in all of today's workplace training solutions, most of them revolve around: scalability, engagement, and affordability.

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What if there were solutions which combined the strengths of the current approaches, but had none of the compromises?

DET Scale VS Affordability
DET Engagement VS Affordability
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Workplace training without compromise

At Facilitate we believe this is possible and market ready solutions in this category already exist.

We call this the Digital Experiential Training category.

Essential elements of DET

We believe that for any training solution to truly be a Digital Experiential solution, it needs these four essential elements:

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Self-authoring Only

Solutions relying on outsourced effort will never be as cost effective, flexible and responsive as an internal capability.

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Any solutions need to recognise the reality of adopting new learning technology. This means allowing for the creation of content that is accessible on current technology (PC) and can be used with emerging technology such as XR devices without extensive rework.

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Experiential by Design

Solutions in this category must address the lack of engagement and effectiveness of eLearning, this means allowing for the creation of content with high levels of interactivity, immersion and realism by default.

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SME Empowering

DET solutions will recognize the need to broaden access to content creation beyond the L&D function. By empowering lay people to create content, organizations can truly start to capture SME's expertise at larger scale with ease.

Where does Facilitate fit in?

Facilitate is a first grade DET solution and is designed specifically to overcome the compromises in existing workplace solutions.

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