How Facilitate works

Create engaging experiential training in just a few steps with Facilitate's creation suite.

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Easy Import

Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly import your files and edit them to create captivating virtual reality experiences.

Facilitate supports an extensive range of file types, including popular 2D formats like PDF, PNG, JPG, MP4, and MP3, as well as immersive 3D formats such as OBJ and FBX files.


Use Facilitate's powerful tools

With our powerful tools and intuitive design, unlocking the potential of your content has never been easier.

Enhance your 360 Media using the 360 Editor. Drag-n-drop interactive hotspots and create immersive scenes.

Alternatively, turn your 3D models into Micro-simulations, by adding interactions and guidance, perfect for hands-on tasks.


Publish your lessons

Facilitate’s lesson creator allows you to easily combine your immersive assets into a structured lesson.

Then use Facilitate’s administrative tools to publish your lessons to multiple devices with ease. Alternatively, export your lessons as a SCORM package or URL link.

See the Platform in Action

Facilitate Compatibility

Immerse yourself through the Facilitate training apps, conveniently available on leading VR headsets like the HTC Vive Focus 3, Pico Neo 3 Pro, Pico 4 Enterprise, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro.

For those preferring a desktop experience, our feature-packed Facilitate Desktop app is readily accessible on modern Windows computers.

VR Headsets Oculus Quest Focus 3 Pico Neo

MDM's Compatibility

Additionally, Facilitate extends support to MDMs, including Arbor XR, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems. 

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