The VR Solution

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Create immersive learning experiences with our VR content solutions, designed to suit your training and educational needs.


The Facilitate platform offers market leading functionality, such as user management, and data capture with LMS integration.


Maximise your training budget with flexible hardware solutions. Get the best experience with the latest enterprise VR headsets.


Enterprise VR Platform

Create, deploy and measure your VR training all in one place


Create VR Lessons in minutes

Compile your VR content into structured lesson plans with learning objectives, in either a synchronous or asynchronous structure.


Deploy and manage your VR training

Deploy lesson content to your headset fleet from a browser. Assign training specific to learners’ needs using our admin functionality.


Measure training impact

Measure completion and impact of your VR training, and export data to your local LMS with our xAPI integration.

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Powerful VR training content

Creating powerful VR training content doesn’t have to be complicated, or blow the budget.


Flexible content creation

Import your existing training content and create VR lessons within minutes using our content creation tools and templates.


No content? No problem

Facilitate’s global content partners can deliver powerful VR training solutions for your specific use case.

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VR Training anywhere, anytime

Take the guesswork out of purchasing headsets. Facilitate connects you to the hardware experts.

Deploy and scale with enterprise VR

Facilitate’s hardware partners will get you up and running with your VR solution. Regardless of whether you’re doing a proof of concept or are ready to scale across your organisation, our partners have the right option for you.


Flexible hardware options

Facilitate is also available for download on Windows 10 (iOS coming soon), allowing your learners to train from anywhere, anytime. Easily meet cross-platform with VR and desktop users in Facilitate’s training environments.

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Designed for the latest enterprise VR headsets

Experience VR designed for enterprise, with features focused on large-scale deployment, ease of use, and comfort.

vive-focus-3 quest-2
Vive Focus 3 Quest 2
Storage Insertable MicroSD card 256GB
Display 2488 x 2488 1832 x 1920
Framerate 90Hz 72Hz/90Hz
FoV 120° 90°
Battery 2-3 hours 2-3 hours
Removable Battery Yes No
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Vive Focus 3
Storage Insertable MicroSD card
Display 2488 x 2488
Framerate 90Hz
FoV 120°
Battery 2-3 hours
Removable Battery Yes
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Quest 2
Storage 256GB
Display 1832 x 1920
Framerate 72Hz/90Hz
FoV 90°
Battery 2-3 hours
Removable Battery No
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Unsure what headset best fits your VR solution?

Watch the headset webinar