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Experiential Training Content Tailored to Your Organisation

Unleash the potential of immersive training experiences with Facilitate VR. Our platform empowers you to effortlessly create custom VR training modules that captivate and educate your learners.

Whether it’s onboarding new hires or conducting compliance training, our intuitive user interface and creator tools enable you to develop engaging and scalable training, without the need for specialist skills or VR experience.

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Why Facilitate VR?

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Easy to Use

Our intuitive no-code platform allows you to effortlessly create immersive training experiences that captivate and engage learners like never before.

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Enhance your VR training with our wide array of customisation options, creating tailored experiences specific to your organisation’s context.

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Maximise your ROI with our cost-effective training solution, offering affordable access to create immersive experiences without compromising on quality or impact.

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VR Learners are

Faster to train compared to traditional classroom training

More confident to apply skills learned after training

More competent at applying safety knowledge

Cheaper to train than traditional in-person training

Sources. PWC. Journal: Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. Journal of Computing in Higher Education. 

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How People use Facilitate VR

360 Media


360 Media


Provide engaging location based training scenarios for new employees, fostering faster training, better retention, and a more confident transition into their new roles.

360 Media

Hazard Identification

360 Media

Site Induction

360 Media

Procedural Training

360 Media

Equipment Familiarisation

360 Media


Provide engaging location based training scenarios for new employees, fostering faster learning, better retention, and a more confident transition into their new roles.

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Hear from our Satisfied Clients

One of the key reasons that we’ve looked at Facilitate VR is because of the engagement. It is literally inescapable…Facilitate allows us to create our own content the same way we create our content now, whether it be shooting a video, creating a powerpoint or pulling together a script for some role plays. Nahkeeta T - Former Training Design and Development Manager, Pacific National
Facilitate has this great capability where it can transition between use cases of 360 Media, and its Micro-Simulation. So users could be in a 360 environment and then undertake skill training in a Micro-Simulation, and they can consolidate their learning on the Facilitate platform. Brad C - Founder, Bundle of Rays
The great thing is that multi-user capability to jump in together. So the enhanced collaboration is a huge piece and a key area where Facilitate is adding value. Brad C - Founder, Bundle of Rays

Enhance your VR Knowledge

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Facilitate is taking a deep dive into scientific literature and shedding a light on many underlying questions around the training applications of VR

Onboarding Guides

How to Create Value with VR

Gain a clear understanding of how VR can benefit your organisation and be equipped with actionable insights to leverage this technology effectively.

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