Looking for support in creating 360 media?

Facilitate offers a comprehensive selection of resources for organisations keen to film their own material.

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360 Media
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The 360 Journey

Creating 360 content can be quite a complicated task.

Facilitate is here to make it simple and easy by guiding you through the process.


Planning the film

Develop a basic plan to ensure the right footage is captured on the day.


Filming in 360

We provide you with best practice guides to help you ensure the footage looks professional.


Upload to Facilitate

Optimise your footage using Facilitate's guides and upload them to the Facilitator creator suite.


Add interactive elements

Use Facilitate's interactive editor to turn your footage into an interactive experience. No coding experience needed.

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Facilitate 360 Editor

Easily add interactive elements and take your 360 videos and images to the next level. Create site induction training, customer walkthroughs, hazard identification tasks, and demonstrate procedural best practices.

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360 Camera

Don't want to film your own 360 content?

We can provide an introduction to professional 360 videographers who offer an end-end service for your 360 project.

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Questions & Queries 

If you have any further questions about Facilitate’s 360 Services, don't hesitate to contact us

Facilitate is a creation suite that empowers anyone to easily create high impact learning experiences. Our no-code simple tools and templates enable learning designers and SMEs to create all types of learning experiences with market-leading flexibility and affordability.

Check out our features page for more information.


Facilitate accepts 360 and 180 png and jpg images. 

We also accept 360 mp4 format. 

Facilitate displays 360 media in the following formats:

Monoscopic, Left Right or Top Bottom.

  • Videos should be exported at 3840x2160. (4k minimum for optimal quality)
  • Videos should NOT be encoded HEVC, H.265 or MPEG-2. These encoding formats will prevent most users from playing back video content within Facilitate.
    • Please encode videos using H.264 for the best possible playback experience.
  • Ensure video playback is set to a constant framerate, preferably 30 - 60fps at all times.
  • When possible, set your video content to be web optimized for streaming playback.
  • Export video file type as .mp4

We recommended keeping each video below 5 minutes. Using 360 media, the important factor is the file size. 

Most VR headsets have a capacity of 250GB (depending on the brand), so ensure your 360 file size does not exceed the headset space limit. 

Bigger file sizes also means longer downloading time, as all assets get automatically downloaded onto the headsets via the Facilitate app. 

So we recommend keeping each videos file size under 2GB.