Demystifying 360 Filming: A Recap of Our Virtual Reality Training Webinar

Demystifying 360 Filming - Featured Image

We recently conducted an exciting webinar, "Introduction to 360 Filming: A Beginner's Guide for Virtual Reality Training," which delved into immersive content creation. If you didn't attend the webinar, fear not! We've got you covered with a full replay available from the Facilitate website. Here, we'll outline what was covered in the session. First, we looked at the essential setup steps, then equipment examples, and key terminology, and lastly answering audience questions.

Essential Setup Steps

The webinar commenced with a focus on the foundational aspects of 360 image capture. Participants were introduced to key setup steps, including proper camera orientation, the use of tripods for stability, and managing stitch lines for seamless content stitching. These fundamental elements are crucial to creating a smooth and immersive experience for viewers, and Marc provided practical tips to master them.



Equipment Examples

Marc also showed the audience a sample of cameras and equipment, ranging from simple one-shot cameras to the professional grade system that he himself uses. He talked about the pros and cons of the equipment and gave advice on where to start.



Key Terminology

Marc also covered the key terminology and concepts that you'll come across. Without going into too much detail he gave a solid overview on which terms are important to know about for the beginner. The webinar didn't stop at mere theory; it delved into the practicalities of 360 filming with invaluable insights and guides. Participants learned the best practices for capturing images with people, outdoors, during processes or procedures, and creating virtual tours. These guidelines, coupled with a comprehensive checklist, equipped participants with the tools they need to tackle various shooting scenarios with confidence.



Checklist and Workflow

Lastly, Marc also went over the key steps in a 360 filming workflow and provided a simple equipment and location checklist for getting the best results on the day.



In Conclusion

Our "Introduction to 360 Filming" webinar was a resounding success, empowering participants with the knowledge and skills needed to embark on their virtual reality training journey. We extend our gratitude to our guest host, Marc Charette, for sharing his expertise and passion for immersive content creation.

For those who missed the webinar, don't worry the replay is available from the Facilitate website. Stay tuned for future events, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on upcoming webinars, workshops, and other exciting content.

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