Facilitate Showcases Digital Experiential Training Platform at the Augmented World Expo in Los Angeles

Facilitate had the pleasure of collaborating with Meta to present our cutting-edge Digital Experiential Training platform at the AWE event in Long Beach, California. As a key partner of Meta, this allowed us to showcase our cutting-edge platform to the 4,000 strong global audience and demonstrate how it works within the broader XR ecosystem.

Strengthening Partnerships and Expanding Horizons

Our collaboration with Meta and other key partners across the North American region highlights how Facilitate has become a global brand and continues to grow through its partner relationships.

Meeting with XR enthusiasts from such a variety of industries and organizations allowed us to showcase how diverse the platform is and how it can be applied to so many use cases across industry and education.

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Looking Ahead

We have many future events on our schedule where we will collaborate with partners to demonstrate how content creation can form part of a holistic XR solution and is meeting the needs of a variety of learning and training professionals. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Facilitate as we continue to grow and deliver exceptional value to our partners and customers worldwide.

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