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Facilitate is a creation suite that empowers anyone to easily create high impact learning experiences. Our no-code simple tools and templates enable learning designers and SMEs to create all types of learning experiences with market-leading flexibility and affordability.

Check out our features page for more information.

We’ll take you through the critical steps of creating your first VR learning experience. This is usually delivered via a video conference and lasts about 1-2 hours. Additionally, help and guidance material in the form of video tutorials and step-by-step instructions are always available when you log into Facilitate. 

Facilitate can also be used on any modern Windows device, such as your desktop computer. Both creators and learners can access Facilitate this way. Contact us if you require advice on purchasing headsets. 

No. You will have access to all of Facilitate's creation features during your trial. 

If you choose to continue using Facilitate, you can pick from one of our subscription plans or contact us and we can talk through your use case.