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Facilitate Micro-sim Editor

What is the Facilitate content network?

Focus on creating content whilst we take care of the rest


Powerful creation suite

Our market-leading creation tools allow you to create comprehensive immersive learning.


Scalable admin tools

Use the wide range of admin tools for your content delivery and billing needs.


Growing community

Gain access to the latest resources, and connect with other creators. Widen your client base.

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Empower your learning designers

Our no-code creation suite allows for an easy pathway to create immersive content. Our tools are designed with you in mind, with ever-evolving powerful features.

Interactive Editor

Market-leading content types

Offering the most comprehensive range of VR content modalities: interactive 3D models, interactive 360 media, 2D content, virtual classrooms with avatars, and more.

Exclusive partner features

Access to advanced admin features, such as Master Organisations and white-labelling. Early access to new features and tools, as well as insight and input to the Facilitate roadmap.

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Some of Facilitate's content partners


Facilitate has an extensive partner program for referrals, resellers, and content partners. Contact us to discuss how we can work together. 

Facilitate is fully integrated with Stripe.

  • MP4 - 360, 180 videos. 2D videos (16:9)

  • PNG, JPG - 2D, 360, 180 images

  • MP3 audio files

  • PDF - Landscape PDF presentation

  • Multiple-choice assessment

  • CGI based roleplay

  • FBX, OBJ - 3D models - Learn more
  • The HTC Vive Focus 3, The Pico Neo 3 Pro, and Oculus Quest 2 (consumer and enterprise editions).

  • Windows platform is also available

  • Enquire with us to learn more about our compatibility roadmap.